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711.3 Student Transportation for Extracurricular Activities

The board or board’s designee in their discretion may provide school district transportation for extracurricular activities including, but not limited to, transporting student participants and other students to and from extracurricular events.


Students participating or attending extracurricular events, other than those held at the school district facilities, may be transported to the extracurricular event by school district transportation vehicles or by another means approved by school administration. 


Students, who are provided transportation in school district transportation vehicles for extracurricular events, will ride both to and from the event in the school vehicle unless arrangements have been made with school administration.  A student's parent and/or legal guardian may personally appear and request to transport the student home from a school-sponsored event in which the student traveled to the event on a school district transportation vehicle.


Date Board Adopted: 6/18/2013

Date Board Updated/Reviewed: 03/14/2022


Legal Reference:          Iowa Code §§ 256B.4; 285.1-.4; 321 (2011).

            281 I.A.C. 41.412.